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Something Educational is a company that aims to make learning fun, at an affordable price. 

The company was founded in 2018 while I was on maternity leave with my second daughter. I was looking for something to do while Kayla was sleeping.

The first brand we stocked was Idem Smile. When I was little my grandmother used to sell Smile toys. One day, in May 2018, my mother called and asked if I knew if Smile Toys still existed. That same day I got all the info and placed my first order.

Since then the company grew bigger, selling various brands to individuals, schools and therapists.

In April 2019 my two girls and I moved to De Doorns in the Western Cape. For a few months business was put on hold while I was finding my feet in a new place and new job, working as a veterinarian in private practice in Worcester and De Doorns.

In September 2019 we got Something Educational up and running again. 

I hope you enjoy the toys and other educational products as much as I do.

We will always strive to expand our product list to give our customers a wide variety of affordable products.


Your reliable Something Educational. Our products  provide the opportunity for your children to have the necessary childhood tools.

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33 Dianthus Street

Somerset West


065 513 0617

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